Open Water Course



What is an Open Water Course?

An Open Water Course is an entry-level diving course. The course will comprise both theory and practical sessions, introducing you to the wonderful world of SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus). New divers will be taught how the equipment works, guided through their first underwater experience in the Ocean, equalising, emergency drills plus much much more.

By the end of the course, you will be competent in all aspects of the basic practical skills in the water and the theory and history behind Scuba, delivered on land. Alpha Dive provides tuition that starts in the ocean, unlike many other dive schools who teach the majority of their course from a swimming pool. As a dive student, your first dive will take you into a whole new world under the waves.

On completion of the course, you will gain an internationally recognised CMAS (Confédération Mondiale desActivités Subaquatiques) qualification, and will be qualified to dive up to 18m with another certified diver, for the rest of your life, anywhere in the world!

What will I be doing?

The course runs across two days, creating an action packed and efficient way to learn how to dive. During the course you will be taught both theory and practical information about Scuba. Alpha Dive offers a productive learning method where when students are not in the water being practical, they are being taught the theory side of the course on land. Each student will complete 6 dives and 6 theory sessions across the two days.

The theory sessions include the safe operation of the equipment, the physics of how pressure affects one’s body, what different pieces of gear are called, marine life safety, dive charts and how they work, a history of Scuba and its origins, the log book and how it should be filled in and emergency procedures.

The practical sessions include an introductory dive, a skills dive, a buoyancy control dive, an entry into the water and emergency procedures dive, a snorkel dive, and a deep dive. At the end of the course, divers must take a written theory test to fully pass the course. Once complete, divers will be given their certificates and their CMAS membership card. Alpha Dive aims to provide a course that is both fun and safe. We work hard to provide the best service whilst maintaining the highest safety standards.

Before you begin your course, please take a look at the Video Tutorials page and also the Theory Lessons. It is expected that you have at least a basic understanding of the equipment, hand signals and emergency procedures before you begin your course. This will mean we can go through the theory sections of the course relatively quickly and hence spend longer in the water – the fun part! On the first morning of your course we sort out all the paperwork and conduct a swim assessment – see Videos.

What should I bring?

On the day you will need:

  • Your Voucher
  • ID (Drivers License or Passport)
  • Your completed medical form Download Medical Form
  • Swimming shorts/bathing suits
  • A big bottle of water
  • Sunscreen/sunhat
  • Something to eat
  • A pen and paper

Alpha Dive will provide all other equipment that you will need for the dive, including air tanks, BCDs and wetsuits.

Where will I be doing my course?

For an Open Water Course, Alpha Dive operates out of locations all around the Sydney area. In your confirmation email, sent to you 24 hours before your course begins, you will be given the exact address and time to be present on your first day.

For booking enquiries, please email

The Open Water Course is only $499

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For general enquiries on course locations, start times, or any other issue, please phone the Alpha Dive office on +61 450 24 34 54 (Office hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 3pm). For on the day emergency contact, please call Paul, the dive operations manager, on +61 447 012 580.

Alpha Dive is a lean company in high demand. Please be patient if the lines are busy or if we take a few days to return your email. Our staff are working very hard to put your needs first.

Note: Dive locations and dates are subject to change due to weather constraints. Alpha Dive has an untarnished safety record and we would like to keep it that way. This does however mean that if seas are rough or currents are strong that we will have to postpone our dives to a later date. This is for your own safety and that, of course, must come first! Also, if you have ever been diagnosed with asthma, even as a young child, or have ever had an accident whitst diving (decompression sickness, burst eardrum, etc), will not be able to dive.