Corporate Packages

For more information on our Corporate Packages, please contact the Alpha Dive bookings team for your specific requirements and to arrange your preferred dates.

(Office hours Monday – Friday, 9am – 3pm).

At Alpha Dive, we believe that for a company to be a success, there must be clear employee communication and a solid team ethos. Though corporate success depends on many things, customers see a company through its employees. The objective of our corporate package is to increase health and fitness, improve self-confidence and selfesteem, foster team building and encourage discipline in your employees.

Diving is not an individual sport and therefore requires individuals to work together. Many people dive to escape the tensions of day-to-day life because diving is a truly relaxing experience. Our corporate package will bring your employees together, strengthening social bonds and help them better utilise one another as a valuable resource.

Adventurous sports, such as diving, have been proven to bring people together, translating into a more efficient and productive work ethos.

Our pricing for your corporate experience varies depending on your requirements. Please  email for a quote. Please be as detailed as possible in the email so we can be as accurate as possible when providing you with a quote.